Blood in Their Hearts

The concept of having your hands covered in blood is to forget that all things start from the hearts and, in that they are, with blood in their hearts. .The bombers at the Boston Marathon have indeed immersed deep in blood of the thought of creating mayhem and ultimately havoc among participants and spectators indiscriminately. It is beyond the normal human understanding to fathom the darkness within the labyrinth of their murky hearts.

I watched from the safety of my sitting room to witness the blast from the explosion and the falling down sprawling on the ground of all that were touched by the shock. And to see the aftermath of these events and to listen to most that have been touched physically and mentally, was heart wrenching to say the least. My heart goes to those who are now suffering and to the Bostonians who bravely and without a thought for their own safety, gave their all for the those needing care and attention.I salute you Bostonians.You will be remembered as I do in my prayer.

I give credence to the Security Services in their prompt action in information gathering.As I wright, it’s hard not to marvel at fast pace into which the FBI have made in the progress so far.The seer determination of these officers to go about their jobs is commendable.

Events have overtaken events in a very short span of time for example, there was the shooting of a police officer who later died from wounds sustained in MIT, Massachusetts and not long after, there was police chase in Boston not far from where everything started.There have been an arrest of one man and no one is yet saying of any links to what I  termed to ‘Blood In Their Hands.’ It is too much of a coincidence not expect some links to all these incidents

I’m not going to bed until all these events are pierced together in some meaningful manner.While I tried to make senses out of these, there came this immense explosion in a  Texas town. This is another story and, by itself a very horrendous one that deserves  an entire and full analyses on its own.

What I set forth to tell of my disgust of the heinous acts perpetrated by these people, tainted by hatred  have blood in their hearts.Their deeds follow them and, they are not hard to find as we will see in days to come.







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