Away Into The Night

This may probably be the best of my usual evenings after meals . Normally,it would be my custom to move to my sitting room and listen to the evening news on the television or finished off my the pages of the daily newspaper.Somehow,I did not leave my chair at the dining table as my eyes were fixed on something very familiar, yet cunningly flitting in it’s disappearance.
I said the word ‘it’ because I was not quite sure whether I was seeing things or was just my imagination.My heart was of course beating a bit faster than usual.It’s been over forty years since my wife’s death and that flitting moment took my breath away.Someone had said of my late wife as being handsome in a feminine way.Yes, she was handsomely beautiful.
The cool evening air and the chirping of the nesting birds brought me back to reality as I traveled back in time.In that short span of time I have traversed the lost universe of my youth that I will cherish to my last day.
That very brief passing moment was a lifetime.The happy days of laughter and the joy that used to bring smiles all around the house came back for a replay.
I am not quite sure what to call that moment of joy, a visitation or of a re-union but,my reverie was indeed a pleasant one to savor.I dare not wished therefore a repeat.That after dinner experience tells me that I was not alone at the table and the aura of that presence will forever be my companion to my last day.


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