Make “Brisk Walking” A Positive Habit…

Make “Brisk Walking” A Positive Habit…

“Not running, not jogging, but walking is your most efficient
exercise and the only one you can safely follow all the
years of your life.”

– Executive Health Organization

Walking as a daily exercise habit can truly be a life-changing
positive habit and is one of the most powerful habits
for reaching your goal of a healthy trim and fit body. Over the
past 20 years, there have been dozens of studies that
have proven the benefits of brisk walking.

Thousands upon thousands of people have improved their health and
lost weight by the diligent habit of walking. If
you think that walking does not provide the same benefits as other
more vigorous exercises, think again.

A study published by the New England Journal Of Medicine showed
that postmenopausal women who walked regularly lowered their risk
for heart disease just as much as women who did more vigorous
exercise, such as playing sports or running.

This study suggests that walking is just as good for your heart as
heavy exercise. I spoke with study author Dr. JoAnn E. Manson,
Chief of Preventive Medicine at Brigham and Womens Hospital,
Professor of Medicine, at Harvard Medical School.
She said, “The study provides compelling evidence that walking and
vigorous exercise provide similar heart benefits, about a 30% to
40% reduction in the risk of cardiovascular disease with 30 minutes
per day of either activity.”

I also asked her about the benefits of making brisk walking a
positive habit, and she responded, “they could surely
walk away from heart disease and several other chronic diseases. We
have also found that brisk walking for at least 3 hours a week
can lower the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes,and breast cancer.

No pain, no gain, is an outdated notion; exercise doesn’t need to
be strenuous or uncomfortable. It can be easy and enjoyable.” Even
though the study consisted solely of women, it is likely that men
would experience similar benefits from the positive
habit of brisk walking.

Here are additional benefits you will receive from your habit of
brisk walking:

* Walking burns calories and helps you lose weight and burn excess
body fat.
* Walking can help to improve your posture.
* Walking requires no special equipment or gyms.
* Walking can help lower blood pressure and help prevent
circulatory and heart disorders.
* Brisk, aerobic walking will give you the benefits of other
exercises, such as jogging and cycling, but without the
risk of injuries.
* Walking at night can help promote better sleep.

Are you like me and have a hard time with eating
beans and grains, despite the fact they’re supposed
to be ‘healthy’?

Do you gain fat when you eat even “non-refined”
healthy carbs like brown rice?

I did — until recently.

Here’s your mid-week tip:

Soak all grains and legumes for 24 hours
prior to cooking them.

Don’t worry — they taste the same. They’re even
more fluffy. But, more important than that —

they are now “lectin-free”…or 90% there.

What are lectins?

Lectins are protein and protein-family substances
that love to bind to stuff and mess with your body’s
cellular structure.

The have a nasty habit of rendering even the most
healthy of foods (almost always plant-based) very
unhealthy for you to consume.

This does not have to be.

Simply soaking brown rice and legumes (beans)
in water for 24 hours, according to food allergy
researcher Dr. David Freed, causes the lectins in
both foods to be destroyed 10 minutes into cooking.

This will not happen if you cook grains normally.

This is why you may be sniffling or having a hard
time with “good carbs” in your diet. There are other
reasons, but I’ve found this to be the ace in the hole.

Try it and see if your grains don’t go down better.

Want more tips like this, as well as the
5 Steps that are guaranteed to make any
foodplan (die-t…spelled that way because
look at the first three letters…this plan is not
a death sentence!) —

5 times easier

5 times faster (as fast as possible to shed fat
in a healthy way)

5 times more powerful (something you can
manage for life!)


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