Too Many Guns,Too Little Wll To Stop It

It is now obvious to all, that gun has become the ‘Holy Grail’ where one must tread with care when confronted with, figuratively speaking.In a few months, I’m sad to say, the Newtown unfortunate deaths, will be just a dim memory.The whole world, let alone America, is awash with this’inanimate’ item and yet instrumental to many, many deaths and poverty.Because of its mystics and allures that draw so many towards it, the web is woven and ensnared the unawares who I shall call them ‘Gun Profiteers’.It is the ‘Bottom Line’ that has kept the ‘American Dream’ going.Citing the 2nd Amendment won’t alleviate nor make wrongs right. Law makers won’t because of the fear of ostracism. The Will of the people of America will. No one else.


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