The day starts hot and rain come and go that baffles the weather buffs.In my part of the world,our food are first prepared or pre-prepared for the tradition earthen-oven that only our region in the Pacific have practiced it from time immemorial.The family have done just that and by 0815 am the oven is covered and buried with earth.This will only take just 90 minutes for the food to cook.In my country which is Fiji, we call this kind of earthen oven ‘LOVO’.It is efficient and economical and found to be nutritious.
Well, by 09.30am the Lovo is uncovered and the smell of the wonderful well prepared food item is irresistibly inviting.It is mouth watering!
Those who attended the church have ample time for the church service at 10.00am.
Because my wife and niece were busy preparing food, they absent themselves from attending church.I too the same.
So, we have time enough to take things easy as the heat is so unforgivably hot.
Thanks indeed for cool water that gives some escape when standing under the shower to cool down.
Yes,it is XMASS DAY and we were looking forward to do just what we did this morning.To get together as family and do things together,to saver the moment to look back on in future.I really enjoyed the moment and I am sure my family did too.The joy of working together in harmony is a wonder and you can feel the atmosphere of willing spirits to do more is evident.It’s the mutual respect of one another’s spirit of giving.


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