I have brothers, a daughter and grandchildren in the USA and the UK respectfully.And have cousins,nephews and nieces and stepsons in Australia and New Zealand.And you know what?Each, almost to the last of them with a few acceptions sends verbal good seasonal wishes by Facebook or/and cellphone.This modern techs. have cut the corners considerably and make our communications much cheaper and easy.My niece  along with her husband,came around 6.30pm with boxes full of goodies from the USA and it took me and my wife the rest of the evening to sort through them and to re-distribute them to the rest of the extended family.At the same time, I was busy with my fb receiving and sending messages. My nephew in New Delhi into his 4th months of a 3 years College Study.I felt sorry for him when he said that he felt so alone.He’s just 18 years old.Well,that’s life and I did mention that truism, that pepped him up a bit.My wife was ever busy as a bee with her preparation for the morning.The heat was unbearable with humidity high.


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